Saturday, June 30, 2012

Digital libraries survey goes live

I've just completed a survey designed to take a snapshot of current views on libraries in the current information environment and digital libraries in particular, which you can find here.

Please have a go at it. The survey has been set up so that anyone, anywhere can fill it in, and it's brief - you can complete it in five minutes or less.

I'm extremely grateful to the Strategic Planning and Policy Unit at the Wellcome Trust for the software platform and invaluable advice regarding the survey's construction. As well as generating data for my King's College thesis (which has been the subject of this blog), the online survey is part of a project I'm working on for the Wellcome Library in line with the delivery of our Digital Library Programme.

From this snapshot I'll be adding qualitative data in the form of one-to-one interviews with industry commentators on the future of digital libraries. More on that soon.

Survey home page

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